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What can be said about this man that is appropriate for a general audience?  He's pure evil.  He's insidious.   He's just sick, sick, sick.  A veteran of over 20 years on the independent wrestling circuit first as a referee, then later as a manager, Count Grog is, to this day, one of the most powerful behind-the-scenes forces in the all-important Southeastern US Independent wrestling scene, as well as being known all over the world for his underhanded tactics, cheat-to-win attitude, and his usual review of the flavor of the men he's taken bites out of over the years:  'Tastes Like Chicken!'  Come with us now to a very dark place, a place of evil and torment, where the winners win any way they can, and the losers are dinner.  Come with us to the lair of the Evil Count Grog.  Click the links below to find out what you need to know.
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Good Evening. All you morons really beleived that Major DeBeers had left my side again. It was all an elaborate plot to injure that fat slob Natrone Steele. The flaming chair was Natrone's idea, it would have only been that plastic chair you would have been beaten with, but I must give you your props on the flaming metal chair. I hope the pain that Ragin Bull Manny Fernandez and Beastmaster Rick Link inflicted leaves you afraid to return to the ring. Major DeBeers will gladly accept your North Carolina Title. Please bring it to Mt Olive on Fri March 3rd and hand it over. And about that fat, heavily painted, whore you have (SCW's own version of Mimi), If you ever touch my schlong again I will have you arrested for sexual misconduct. Now that Natrone's out of the way, I am setting my sights on aquiring Scab to the stable of the Brotherhood. Any champion who turns his back on the fans needs to be with me. I just need to clean him up a little. SCW needs a corporate looking champion you know. grmajbld.jpg (30878 bytes)
Grog shows you what to expect when he shows up - gore.
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Count Grog - blood still drying on his face (I think he may be ttrying to taste it) and independent ladies' sensation Brandi Wine